Teaching Role


Role Title: Teacher

Location: Greece

Reporting to: tbc

Hours: 30

Duration: 2-3 months minimum

Benefits: Being part of a wonderful team. Gaining further experience in teaching. Growing as a teacher and as an individual.


As a teacher, you will teach lessons to children and adults living in a situation where they have limited access to education. You will also offer support with extracurricular issues when possible, and function as a role model for them. By regularly reporting to the supervisor and coordinating teaching activities with other teachers and volunteers, you will identify room for growth and improvement.


As a teacher you will:

  • Teach lessons
  • Plan classes and schedules
  • Assign tasks to students
  • Correct and grade student’s work
  • Support students in their learning progress
  • Communicate with other teachers
  • Report back to Supervisor
  • Teaching qualification
  • Previous teaching experience
  • Passion for teaching and volunteering!
  • Ability to work with diverse populations
  • Specific language skills
  • tbc/depending on project
  • tbc/depending on project

How to Apply

Please select the team you would like to volunteer with on our ‘Apply to Volunteer’ page and fill out the application. We will send you a confirmation email and keep you updated throughout your application process. We may also ask for further information so please check your emails regularly. We hope to hear from you soon

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